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  1. Crossin' Carolina (MMMB 105)
  2. At Large In The World (MMMB 102)
  3. Michael's Magic Music Box (MMMB 101)
  4. High Powered, Low Flying (SH-CD-1011)
  5. Best Of The Funny Stuff (SH-CD-1010)
  6. Irregular Guy (SH-CD-1009)
  7. Prodigal Son (SH-CD-1008)
  8. Solo At Midnight (SUG-CD-1007)
  9. Carolina Sky (SH-CD-1006)
  10. Live & Kickin' (SH-CD-1005)
  11. Rock 'n Rye (GR-1004)
  12. Bounty Hunter (SH-CD-1003)
  13. Born In The Country (MMMB 104)
  14. Child Prodigy (MMMB 103)