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People who like rock . . . folk, jazz and country like Mike Cross!

- WQDR Radio, Raleigh, NC
If you could locate the leading edge of country music development, Mike Cross would be a hard day's ride ahead of the pack . . . and moving away fast.

- Bill Jenkins, WELE-FM 106 Daytona, FL
He's such a natural performer I couldn't believe it.

- Nancy Weisinger, Taylor Guitars
On stage Mike Cross is a one man tour de force, a high-energy humorist, folksinger and guitar and virtuoso.

- The Advocate & Greenwich Time
Possessed of a marvelous sense of humor both earthy and whimsical, Mike can write on almost any subject and make it pertinent and funny.

- Southeast Entertainer
As energetic as he is versatile, Cross keeps up two and one-half hours of nonstop patter, songs and stories, and holds listeners throughout . . . A comparison to Steve Goodman is natural, given the high energy level of this Southern-accented, witty, folk-blues performance...

- Shag., Variety
In a word, Mike Cross is the consummate entertainer...

- Richmond Times Dispatch
Is it folk? Country? Jazz? Bluegrass? Rock? ... there's nothing generic in a Mike Cross performance, nothing wrapped in plastic...

- Mike D'Orso, The Ledger Star Norfolk, VA
Only rarely does a performer come along whose music transcends the barriers of age and trend. Mike Cross is such a performer -- he offers pure, untamed entertainment.

- The Daily Tar Heel UNC, Chapel Hill